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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:


R2Q2: Rendering and Response processing services for QTIv2 questions

The R2Q2 project has produced a complete engine to render and respond to all QTIv2 question types. The engine is wrapped in a Web service so that it can integrate easily into the JISC e-Framework. There is an online demo available which demonstrates R2Q2 being used to render and process a number of example questions (you can also upload your own QTIv2 content packages).

Project Page | Online Demo


FREMA: e-Framework Reference Model for Assessment

The FREMA project has developed a reference model for systems in the Assessment domain of e-learning that are built on top of Service-Oriented Architectures. FREMA has delivered this model as an Semantic Wiki which describes the Assessment Domain, because the Wiki contains Semantics it is possible to query the Wiki to find out which Use Cases are covered by which Services, and what Services are covered by what Software. The Semantic Wiki is public so please feel free to add your own projects, software and standards.

Project Page | Semantic Wiki