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SRAS (Southampton Resource Allocation Simulation) is a form of turn based serious game. The idea behind the game is to improve a students' organisational, management and forward planning skills, as well as exposing them to stresses similar to those they will encounter in real ward placements.

The original specification was provided by the school of nursing, and in this first instance we are building a scenario and front end to simulate a hospital ward. As a result some terminology may be used that references a nursing environment.

The game is being designed as generically as possible. There are three component parts to the system, the scenario author, the engine and the front end. All of these components communicate using xml files. The engine is generic and stateful, the GUI is specific and stateless. This makes our engine very reusable – the idea is; program a new front-end, feed in a scenario and you’re done.

The main feedback mechanic in the game is delivered via consequences. If the player sends an under qualified nurse to, for example, take a blood sample, then the scenario can specify that the person’s arm starts bleeding later on. An event can terminate in 3 ways. Each of these termination conditions can spawn any number or additional events later in the timeline.

Working Documents


Other Stuff



Phase Two

  • Implementation of trump cards
  • Fix the multiplayer issue here
  • Staff Break Events
  • Use of equipment in events (for example a defibrillator being used on a crashing patient)
  • Implementing patient death/patients leaving the ward
  • Feedback at end of game
  • Fix Nurse Status event listener here
  • Patients going off ward for treatments
    • Needs events to have locations
    • New events can't happen off ward
    • Validation from the engine
  • Trump cards

Future Phases

  • Multiple Flash front ends for different environments (construction yards, emergency services, project management)
  • Feedback Analysis Engine, to generate in depth feedback to aid learning.
  • Mobile Devices
  • Real Time version (non-turn based)
  • Inclusion of videos and sound.
  • Application of choice based scenario (player selects suitable action to deal with presented event)
  • Save, Load and Pause functionality


Old Stuff

Taking over?

If you are taking over SRAS development, start here

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