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Javascript reload swf Causes lag while flash player reloads
AS reset internal classes Phil prefers, preserves decoupled
Seperating php - move new game stuff to other file bit messy, reloads flash player
investigate loader object stuff Never got very far with this, doesn't make much sence to us newbies
investigate goToAndPlay(1) - maybe making two frames? icky hack, but good back up
Alternatively: "You could remove everything that is on stage when you click the button and add a gotoAndPlay to move to the next frame and when the movie loops it will load everything again, just be sure to put stop() in the frame with all your code." a la hack
Might we package up the game swf, and then use another swf to load it? Doable, good option
    • My main swf loads other swf's via this timeline code:
    • var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest("scene1.swf");
    • var loader:Loader = new Loader();
    • loader.load(req);
    • addChild(loader);
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