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Funny stuff we have said

Who When What
Phil 1200 24/6 How do you insert a table into excel?
XML Validator 0956 25/6 Warning: DOMDocument::validate() [function.DOMDocument-validate]: Element currentTurn content does not follow the DTD, expecting (CDATA), got (CDATA) in /var/ecsweb/sites/dtd-validator/htdocs/index.php on line 91
Teresa Last year sometime "The system should obfuscate technical jargon as much as comprehendably possible"
Chris 10:33 09/08/2010 "It looks like its been drawn by an epileptic with a mouse"
Chris 16.50 9/8/2010 "What happened to my bottle?!"
Phillip and Teresa 16:57 9/8/2010 Phil:"So basically, when we've been wondering wether it is the flash or the php has been broken..."

Chorus: "It's been both!"

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