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Welcome to Week 8 (of 13 (ish))


Current Situation

We're in integration phase!

We have:

  • Engine, complete, being tweaked for integration
  • Front end, Still working on, but it is doing most of the essential bits. Draws from and outputs xml
  • Author, not pretty but fully functional

  • Integration, ongoing, not trivial but we are making progress

From You...

  • UX for Authoring tool
    • Workflow
    • GUI

  • UX for FrontEnd
    • Mechanic
    • GUI
    • Scenario
    • Feedback
      • We think seperate system, not in our scope

Next week

  • Staff room working
  • EndTurn working
    • Front end redrawing for each new xml file
  • Hopefully have something "playable"(for a given value of playable)


Teresa taking Friday off

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