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What we planned

  • Update dtd with recent changes - Done and ongoing
  • Modifications on back end partially complete - Everything but trumps
    • Including change of variable names in code - Done
  • Start with Scenario editor - Done
    • Get at least metadata and temporal data going - Done
    • Probably get actors going too - Done, and much more done

Not done, we forgot: :)

  • Process
    • Activity Diagram
    • Sequence Diagram
  • User Interface
    • Story Board
  • Data
    • Class Diagram

Evaluate Performance

  • Chris has been steamrollering through the Java. Very Good
  • Phi has finished all of the back end initial stuff, apart from the Trumps. Also very good :)
  • Teresa has been:
    • flitting around, helping where possible
    • watching flash tuition videos recommended by Joe Price
    • One day off and one Conference day

Next Week's Plan

  • Fully working engine with validation
  • Finish the Author, Start putting a front end on it. (Maybe get the logic engine in)
  • Just started learning it on Thursday/Friday then away Monday. This week should be mostly research and a bit of paired programming. Critically evaluate at the next meeting.


  • Monies?
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