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  • 9 working days left (including today)

Last week Sue and Mary Stated that in order to deploy the following would be required:

  • sink -> wash hand event -> Done, except for hand wash event although this was not essential
  • Patient list -> Done
  • Nurse Profile -> Done

Still waiting for promised resources from Mary and Sue - will send reminder today

Not sure if this has been completed yet, will ask Teresa when she arrives


  • 'Project is finished on 10th'
  • PRA off Wed 1st (maybe not anymore)
  • TB at ALT-C 6-9th Sept


This week

  • Finish code refactor
    • PHP has been changed in order to meet the new standards
    • Flash front end needs to be changed still
  • Start some of the documentation for the Flash and update the documentation for PHP

By the end of the project

  • Documentation
    • Engine API
    • Class Diagrams
    • DTD's/xmlSchema
    • "Pick Up" Documentation
    • Future plans
    • LSL server (Currently waiting on Dave Challis to set this up, but we should have sras.ecs.soton.ac.uk
      • Front page
    • Wiki
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