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Report Progress


  • Code familiarisation
  • Class Diagram
  • List of Modifications -> Task list for Front and Back end
    • Gantt Chart started


  • Requirements Document mostly done
  • Initial Screen shots
  • We are going to use jsp


  • WiFi, Eclipse, JDOM for Chris

Questions etc

  • Would you consider purchasing gliffy accounts for us? (Academic liscense $12.50 pcm for 10 licenses)
  • We will need at least one Flash license (would be nice for everyone to have one). What are the actions required to arrange this?
  • Can we sort out a guest account for Chris? He can't get ethernet, card access, vpn (therefore, can't get to scm, nor wiki, nor our teaching materials)

Evaluate Performance

  • Pretty good, still in "forming" stage of team
  • Look at Gantt chart - what should we change?

Plan Activity

  • Update dtd with recent changes
  • Modifications on back end partially complete
    • Including change of variable names in code
  • Start with Scenario editor
    • Get at least metadata and temporal data going
    • Probably get actors going too

  • Process
    • Activity Diagram
    • Sequence Diagram
  • User Interface
    • Story Board
  • Data
    • Class Diagram

(Do Activity)


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