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Week 5 of 13, where we're at


  • Things that don't work yet
    • Events spawning itself
    • Staff breaks (resource absence)
    • Trumps


  • Things that don't work yet
    • Staff breaks (resource absence)
    • Trumps

Front end

  • Divide and Conquer
    • Teresa on XML functionality
    • Chris on pluggable UI components (labels, glows, Careplan, etc)

By next Tuesday

  • Phil
    • Proceed with neatening and fixing php things
  • Chris
    • Pluggable components (Labels, notifications, careplans, display of htmlData)
  • Teresa
    • Make a simple toProcess sample
    • Get the flash to draw that
    • (Teresa away at JISC innovation forum on Wed+Thurs 28-29th)

From the boss

  • We need:
    • UI Specs for author
    • Feedback formating and UI for summative feedback at end of simulation
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