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What we had planned

  • Fully working engine with validation
    • Fully working - some validation (checks for continuity between interface and engine, checks for member of staff not being available, handles terminating events, measures time to execute, checks if event is in progress).
  • Finish the Author, Start putting a front end on it. (Maybe get the logic engine in)
    • Java prototype author completed. Php implementation partially complete with GUI.
  • Flash
    • Got basic ui components on screen, can make them do a few simple things
    • Critical evaluation: Will probably take the rest of the project to get the basic but functional gui done. Most dangerous factor of project.


  • Going well.
  • We spent a while debating how to do the author. Phil then managed to do a big chunk on Sunday afternoon :)
  • Teresa: Took a day off on Monday: Newcastle
  • Happy Birthday Chris! :)

Next week's plan

  • Front end:
    • Chris and Teresa: hotspots done. Staff snapping to hotspots. Outputting (to screen) the screen situation when the "next button" is pressed.
  • Back end
    • Not changing for now (might implement pc absenses (staff breaks))
  • Author
    • Timetable to be done. System complete with as much GUI as possible


  • Conference?
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